Photo Resizer

  Our Photo Resizer is an easy to use free to download(Personal and Commercial Use) application for Windows PC. This application doesn't require any kind of installation procedures. This is just a download and use application. Applications size is so small that you can store it in a pen drive and use it like a plug and play application. You can use this application to easily resize images, reduce File size, change dpi. You can load images by drag & drop also. Application supports loading images of type jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, bmp. Easy to add text at bottom of images. Supports resizing with pixels, centimeters and millimeters. Works on windows 7,8 & 10. No ads and no watermarks.

> Photo Resizer for applying examinations

  Resize photos, signatures and finger prints for filling online exam applications. Easy to Insert name and date on photos. Unlike online image resizing websites, You can resize images without uploading your personal photos, signatures or finger prints online.

> Photo Resizer for scanned photos or documents

  Mostly scanned photos or documents comes with large file size due to it's high dpi during scanning, You can reduce the file size by changing the dimensions to real units like cm/mm, and changing the dpi to 300 (for high print quality) and by setting the required maximum file size. There by making a easily handleable image file for storage or e-mail attachment.

> Photo Resizer for website developers

  Current website trend requires website developers to handle high resolution images as part of website design. But high resolution images takes up a lot of bandwidth and increases page loading time. Our photo resizer can reduce file size without losing much visual quality.

Photo Resizer v2.2
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